Get Involved

Serve as a Café Companion:

Be a friend to our local community members by serving as a Café Companion!

  • This role allows you to connect individually with members and guests in the Recovery Café space. This is an essential role in providing the loving, hospitable space that makes the Recovery Café such a unique and positive place. Listening and caring is the way love shines through. During your visit, you will often sit and talk and you may play games, cards, read, share stories, or conduct various tasksTraining is required to serve in this role. 

Teach a class or workshop with our Members:

Do you have a skill, hobby, or talent that you would like to teach others?*

  • The School for Recovery gives Café members and non-members the chance to grow, heal, discover, take risks, and surprise themselves by doing and becoming what they never thought possible.  While the word “recovery” doesn’t appear in most of the course titles, every single class is designed to provide support, wisdom, and companions for the hard work of making healthier choices as we live with whatever it is we are recovering from. 
  • The School for Recovery desires to offer classes to holistically support the journeys of each member at the Recovery Café. Class topics can range from health/wellness, nutrition, yoga, spirituality, job/career preparation, healthy relationships, relapse prevention and more!