Meet Our Team


Executive Director

Lisa is a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder and mental health challenges. She was granted a second chance at life (or maybe third or fourth) and is honored to use this opportunity to help others overcome their challenges. She believes recovery is possible for everyone who has enough desire and willingness to experience discomfort.

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University, is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consultant, and a Peer Recovery Coach. She enjoys using this training, along with her lived experience, to help Café members discover their own potential for greatness. Her favorite part of her role in the cafe is seeing the light in people that they may not know exist and creating opportunities for them to rediscover that light within themselves and each other. Through School for Recovery courses, members can explore their abilities and interests. Through Café Companion roles, members are given the tools to help others feel heard and loved. Through our Member Leader program, members are promoted to a position of trust and responsibility and given an opportunity to truly shine.

Outside of the cafe, Lisa is a mama to two young children and is married to a fellow person in recovery. She enjoys strong coffee, walks in the woods with her family, and creepy TV shows. She is living a life she once didn’t believe was possible for a person like her. She hopes to show café members that recovery happens when we allow ourselves to be known and loved, one step at a time!


Summer Intern

Mary Bamonti is the Recovery Café Muncie’s Summer Intern. Mary is currently attending Ball State University and will graduate this July with her Bachelor’s of Social Work with a minor in counseling. When asked about her work at the Café, she said, “The work that I do at the Café has been a life-changing experience so far. I have learned how to lead with love and meet people where they are at. I have enjoyed overlooking our differences and building new relationships with individuals who are on their recovery journey. I think the most rewarding thing about coming to the café is the idea that we connect with love and encourage growth, which are practices that are often dismissed.”

Mary believes that it is important to lead life with your heart. She has made it her mission to try and give a voice to individuals who are often silenced. Mary has found a passion in the social work profession through wanting to help serve populations that are often overlooked. Mary holds close to heart that every individual deserves an equal chance at a good quality of life and happiness.

When she is not busy with her job, internship, and completing homework assignments, Mary enjoys spending time with her 3 cats, spending time with her family, and going for walks.

Mary would like to share words of encouragement from Debra Jay to the members and guests of the Recovery Café Muncie community, “Recovery is not a simple abstinence. It’s about healing the brain, remembering how to feel, learning how to make good decisions, becoming the kind of person who can engage in healthy relationships, cultivating the willingness to accept help from others, daring to be honest, and opening up to doing.”


Program Manager

Abby is in recovery from substance use, trauma, and mental health challenges. She hit her lowest point mentally while studying in college. With the help of her family, Abby addressed her issues by starting her recovery at the Safe Harbor Behavioral Health Crisis Center where she learned coping skills, was provided the right medications, but most importantly, she was able to learn self-respect and self-love again.

Abby graduated from Mercyhurst University with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, Abby moved from Pennsylvania to Muncie to continue her self exploration. With this, Abby discovered the Recovery Cafe Muncie through a previous co-worker. It didn’t take very long for Abby to fall in love with her job, because it didn’t feel like a job at the Cafe. Being able to spend time with people from different walks of life is one of Abby’s favorite aspects of her job. She loves seeing the members and guests connect through each other’s unique stories, because at the end of the day, we are all just trying to feel loved and live a happy life.

Outside of work, Abby loves spending time with her family, friends, and her Golden Retriever, Aspen. Going to the gym, trying new foods, traveling, and attending concerts are some of Abby’s favorite hobbies.

Abby’s encouragement for new and current members of the Cafe are: “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” Especially in recovery, it’s so important to acknowledge what your triggers are, and sometimes you need that change to take place with the people, places, and things that you surround yourself with. The Recovery Cafe Muncie respects the recovery journey, and you will always find people that love and support your full story, journey, and goals.